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One photo perfectly captures the absurd technology used to turn real people into video game characters

Norman Reedus will star in the new upcoming PlayStation game Death Stranding. The secret of how Norman Reedus is transferred to the digital environment is hidden in this frame.

We’re actually quite familiar with seeing people we know from the real world in games. The simplest example of this is the games of the Fifa series that we have played for years. Formerly modeled sportsmen are made using images with the help of new technologies. A similar situation will now be in the PlayStation game Death Stranding.

Norman Reedus will play the main character. The character in the game is not a Reedus model or Reedus-like design, it’s an almost perfect digital copy. The Walking Dead series and The Boondock Saints series of Reedus we know how to transfer the game manager Hideo Kojima explained the game.

According to Kojima’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Reedus was digitized by Kojima and his team through an advanced system installed by Kojima Productions. One of the steps taken for this purpose is taking photographs of Reedus. The photos were taken by dozens of cameras placed in a particular layout.

Kojima says they scanned Reedus for two days. The actor’s tattoos, fingers, body, and face were displayed for a long time.

Reedus also participated in the standard motion capture for the game. The movements of the player wearing a dress with small balls followed by the camera were digitized. The map was taken by the players and the actor did more than just the action.

Since the game is currently under development, we have no chance to redirect Reedus. The release date of the game is unknown.

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