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Nvidia’s Artificial Intelligence Producing Realistic Videos in Terrible Grade

Nvidia, a company that has the highest level of production of image processors,

played the technology world with its artificial intelligence software. The software is inspired by real images and produces fake videos that are incredibly realistic. Hello, Matrix! We swallowed the pill, that blue one.


Nvidia is about to come in an open battle against known reality. During the past few months, the company introduced an artificial intelligence software that could create virtual human images with realistic textures. Now it’s time for an incredible software that changes the weather, turns the day around and implements it on real videos.

This attitude of Nvidia, who is fond of putting the cards in his hands slowly into the table, can be considered as an important step for the initiative of the Matrix universe, which is a fantasy world about 20 years ago. Although we are still far from those technologies, we have achieved significant success in a short time.

Firman’s researchers have published a few videos of material on real videos, a writing that changes them more realistically.

  1. On the first video, we see a city covered in snow completely springtime. The actual video on the left is generated by the software:


  1. On the second video, we are confronted with the nightly version of the original content recorded during the day:    



 Once the necessary material is written through the machine learning technique, human intervention is not required to obtain these results. Computers, and therefore software, are beginning to break through the realities of the day and create their own realism. The technological leaps that are taking place give such great results that it is not easy to get frightened. It is exciting to see how a world expects us, but the worlds created by artificial intelligence can lead to a sacrifice of a tribe where humanity is not at all ready.

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