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New Video Demo Teases The Power Of PS5, Xbox Scarlett, and Next-Gen

Epic Games unveiled Chaos, a new generation of Unreal Engine that was developed for the next generation of consoles.

As we approach the next generation of consoles step by step, we continue to receive news about how strong these will be. A few days ago, Google introduced its own cloud-based gaming console, Stadia, and boasted that it passed PS4 Pro and Xbox One X; The PS5 and Xbox Scarlett had said they would be stronger than Stadia.

Epic Games (which themselves are the makers of Fortnite and Unreal Engine) who want to take advantage of this information while surfing the Internet, has announced Chaos, the new high-performance physics engine and the “demolition system.” Epic Games introduced its new system in a playable demo at GDC 2019. Epic Games said in his statement:

“This demo is a real-time gameplay of a game in the world of Robo Recall. With Chaos, users will have unprecedented control over content creation, while they will be able to get real-time cinematic visuals in scenes with large-scale destruction and destruction.”

As you can see in the published video, the new technology is quite impressive. But the most exciting event here is that the new system will be used in games in the not-too-distant future. Although the video may not seem to be a very important thing, it was thought that it was impossible to render these demolitions and explosions in real time.

According to Epic Games, the new system will come with early access to Chaos, Unreal Engine 4.23.

New Video Demo Teases The Power Of PS5, Xbox Scarlett, and Next-Gen
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