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Foldable phones are not yet in use, but we will talk about a new product that will overtake this technology: Foldable camera.

Foldable smart phones are now a trendy camera after the trend has been produced this year. Introduced by Insta360 today, the EVO features a 180-degree 3D camera and a 360-degree camera that you can use by folding the device. Today, the company also introduced HoloFrame, which allows you to monitor 3D images without your glasses from your smartphones.

EVO unfolded; With two lenses standing side by side in 5.7 K quality, 18 MP 180 degree 3D video and 18 MP can save 180 degree 3D photos. When you fold, these two lenses come in a row and you cannot get 3D images. But in this case, it is possible to take a 360-degree picture.

According to the company’s statement, this camera will also be compatible with virtual reality glasses. For users who don’t want to deal with the weight of virtual reality glasses, the company offers Holo Frame as an alternative.

The foldable camera EVO is now available for $ 420 at the Insta360 site. HoloFrameıs selling price is 30 dollars.

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