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A mathematician from the University of Kansas in the United States proposes to follow the ships, powered by black holes, to find aliens.

Scientists aiming to discover alien civilizations are suffering from the inability to know exactly what aliens look like. We can only make predictions right now.

According to Louis Crane, a mathematician from the University of Kansas, we need to control gamma emissions to track aliens.

According to the mathematician’s new article, a sufficiently developed alien civilization may have produced spacecraft that uses small black holes to move space ships. The traces left behind by these vehicles which use the radiation emitted from the black hole as a fuel can be defined as gamma radiation.

The mathematician, who claims that the current gamma telescopes are of sufficient capacity, says that this gamma spread will be very different. The traces of such a spread could have already been found, the researcher says.

Crane also believes that astronomers have previously seen “no natural explanation açık of gamma rays.

The world’s resources to create such a black hole in the engine that collects him energy collecting researcher, a civilization that can do it argues that should be highly developed. According to Crane, it is necessary to dominate the whole Solar System to obtain sufficient resources.

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