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New Images Of Tesla’s Facility In China Released

Tesla posted a photo of the Gigafactory 3 plant in Shanghai on Twitter and said the construction was “going well. Images of a drone flying over the Gigafactory 3 were also released.

As the trade war between China and the US becomes more complex, Tesla’s production capacity in China becomes more important than ever. Thus, it can avoid increasing uncertain import duties in the world’s largest automotive market. That’s why the company is moving extremely fast to get Gigafactory 3 ready.

The company shared on Twitter today the latest photo of the Gigafactory in Shanghai, saying “it’s going well”.

From the outside, we can say that Tesla is nearing the end of the project. However, in a new video shared on YouTube, Tesla continues to build new structures within the facility.

About eight months ago, Tesla announced an agreement with the Shanghai government to build a local factory in China. About five months ago, they secured 210 acres of land for the Gigafactory 3. The plant, officially laid in January, is scheduled to be completed this summer. Production lines have already started to be established within the factory. Tesla

Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, says it is the fastest built facility and is also important to Tesla’s business plan. Because of this facility, the company will not have to export the Model 3 vehicles to China.

Gigafactory 3 will be Tesla’s first production plant in China. The facility also made a first in China. Gigafactory 3 is the first electric car factory owned entirely by a foreign car company.

Tesla is considering starting production by the end of the year. The company also plans to gradually increase production, which will start at 3,000 vehicles in the first week of its new plant.

New Images Of Tesla’s Facility In China Released
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