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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Captures Two Galaxies Interacting, Distorting

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope viewed two interacting galaxies. This interaction is very important because these two galaxies are similar.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope viewed two galaxies emitting light as they continued their mission. The galactic pair, called UGC 2369, entered into an interaction resulting from the mutual attraction between them.

Interacting galaxies are not uncommon, but it is very important that two identical galaxies of similar size affect each other. The published image shows galaxies colliding as they approach each other. A thin gas, dust and star bridge connecting this pair can be seen from the image.

The Hubble Telescope shot:

Interacting galaxies in the image taken using the Hubble Space Telescope are the Northern Galaxy UGC 2369 (UGC 2369N) and the Southern Galaxy UGC 2369 (UGC 2369S). A Galaxies are interacting with each other, which makes them closer to each other through their mutual gravitational forces, NAS NASA said in a statement. That is why the shapes of the galaxies show distortions in the process.

As we mentioned, this is not the first time that two galaxies interact. NASA stressed that the interaction between galaxies is a common event in the history of galaxies. Için For larger galaxies such as the Milky Way, the vast majority of these interactions are significantly smaller for galaxies that are called dwarf galaxies, Uzay the space agency said.

Astronomers predict that the next major event for our galaxy will take place about four billion years after the collision of the Andromeda Galaxy. NASA said, içerisinde Over time, these two galaxies will probably turn into one. The name of the galaxy that will emerge in case is already ready: Milkomeda ”.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Captures Two Galaxies Interacting, Distorting
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