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NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds weird woman dubbed ‘Mona Lisa of Mars’ sitting on Red Planet

An amazing photo taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover shows a “flawless” woman on the dessert-like Red planet accompanied by a man and child, Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily claims.

Sticking out among the red sand and rock were three distinct objects, which Waring described as “alien artefacts” or “statues”.

The spacecraft Spirit sent by NASA in 2003 to further investigate Mars took a controversial photo in 2008. There was a silhouette that looked like a woman. However, according to Scott C. Waring, founder of UFO Sighting Daily, NASA deleted one of the published photos. Waring says he has reached a similar, but darker, photo.

According to Waring, the woman on the red planet, which is no different from the desert, is accompanied by a man and a child. Waring identifies these objects, which emerge prominently among red sand and rocks, as works by aliens.

Curiosity aracı Mars

Waring explains his findings: “This woman statue has a very detailed green robe, where you can easily see the curves. She has long hair hanging down her shoulders and a slim waist. In addition, his arm is covered with a robe up to his hands with a pinkish hue. The visual, of course, belongs to a human-like woman. In front of him is a man lying on the ground and wearing a green outfit. He’s got a pink, bald head. The small child in front of them is so visible that only the trained eyes can see. She sits with her legs in front and arms behind her. ”

Waring, who likened what he saw to Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting, continued: bu This woman on Mars is literally the Mona Lisa of Mars. He is flawless in every way, but even this evidence cannot convince some. Of course, no photo can provide an explanation, no matter how clear the evidence is. ”

Curiosity aracı Mars

The world of science is divided into different poles in the interpretation of the silhouettes seen in such photographs. In general, these events are described as are Pareidolia. Pareidolia can be defined as a game that our brains play for us. We can simulate something to any object or being. You can reach the photo of Waring, NASA shared here.


NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds weird woman dubbed ‘Mona Lisa of Mars’ sitting on Red Planet
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