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NASA Statement: Two Meteors Are Approaching Earth

NASA said that next month, two asteroids will pass by the Earth. These asteroids, one of which will pass 5.3 million and the other one million kilometers away, are not considered to be at risk of impacting the Earth.

It is not uncommon for asteroids to pass certain proximity to Earth. Many asteroids pass near Earth and some rarely hit Earth. According to the CNEOS (Near-Earth Research Center), an asteroid 467317 2000 QW7 will travel close to Earth next month.

The 2000 QWY asteroid will approach the Earth about 5.3 million kilometers. The asteroid is thought to be 650 meters long and 290 meters wide. This makes the asteroid longer than the Shanghai Tower in China.


Although the 2000 QWY will pass close to the Earth, the researchers said that the 2000 QWY does not pose a danger to the Earth. 2000 QWY asteroid every 19.04 years (or 6956 days) passed around the Earth, indicating that the asteroid, the next visit to the asteroid 19 October 2038 said.

Given that the asteroid is approaching Earth every second we are in, NASA is working on defense systems such as the planetary defense method, DART, or the Double Asteroid Redirection Test to protect against asteroids. Although Space Probe DART’s work is still ongoing, Elon Musk said he thinks differently.


Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said that sooner or later an asteroid would hit Earth, but we had no defense mechanism against it. Elon Musk, this warning Apophis ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid called. In addition, the famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Apophis 99942, such as the passing of a 370-meter wide asteroid near the Earth can create serious tsunamis said.

When we came to the asteroid approaching Earth outside the 2000 QWY, the 2010CO1 asteroid was said to have a size between 120 and 260 meters. 2000 QWY crossed the Earth at a distance of 5.3 million kilometers, while the 2019 OU1, also known as 2010CO1, will pass the Earth at a distance of 1 million kilometers.

NASA Statement: Two Meteors Are Approaching Earth
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