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NASA Releases a Fascinating Black Hole Simulation

After the image of a black hole is obtained, the work on the black holes is now going on more quickly. Finally, NASA recently released a new black hole simulation.

techannels image

Getting the image of a black hole with the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) has been one of the greatest scientific achievements of the past decade. With the event horizon telescope, a large amount of data was received from the interlocking orange rings of the black holes. The data obtained revealed a black hole image.

The final work on the image of black holes was carried out by NASA. Jeremy Schnittmann at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center developed a black hole simulation using special software.

nasa black hole
Black holes are extremely dense areas with large gravitational forces. The gravitational force of black holes is so great that even light cannot escape from the black hole. By gravity of the black hole, the incoming gas and dust rotate insanely quickly around the black hole. This shiny ring, known as the collecting disc, is the visible part of the black hole. According to your view of the black hole, you will see this image in different ways.

NASA’s simulation allows us to see the disk from the edge. Therefore, the light we see above the image actually comes from behind the black hole. With a look at the black hole from this angle, the left side of the matter looks brighter than the right side. Because the public is turning to the point we’re looking at. This movement is called “Doppler radiation. According to Doppler Radiation, the movement of light in this way increases the brightness level.

This week is called Black Hole Week. He did a series of work for Black Hole Week at NASA. Last Tuesday, NASA released a sympathetic video showing how to deal with black holes.

NASA Releases a Fascinating Black Hole Simulation
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