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NASA released the new video of apollo 16 astronauts driving a car on the moon

On April 21, 1972, Apollo 16 transformed into the fifth mission to touch base on the Moon. A champion among the most invigorating things they conveyed with them was the Lunar Roving Vehicle. NASA starting late released film of the space voyagers driving in the meanderer along the lunar surface. Following is a transcript of the video.

  • This is what a shooting star looks like from space

What it looks like to drive on the moon It’s not the smoothest ride, and the view isn’t the most remarkable. However, this is one ride that is in reality out of this world. This is Commander John Young. The man behind the camera is space voyager Charles Duke. They were a bit of Apollo 16, the tenth watched out for the mission to the Moon. Energetic and Duke consumed through 71 hours on the lunar surface. They drove 16.6 miles to signify.

Apollo 16 was the first to touch base in the lunar great nations, which are the lighter zones on the Moon. Like the mission earlier and after that a short time later it, Apollo 16 remaining its Lunar Roving Vehicle on the Moon.

Those 3 vehicles are so far sitting on the lunar surface today, sitting tight for the accompanying ride.

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