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NASA provides $ 6 million in funding to the research team on future aircraft

Scientists are working on an airplane with superior features. Unlike the known jet engines, an aircraft project with electric motors was presented to NASA.

NASA gave the research team $ 6 million to support this project.

Scientists have mobilized all the means to move away from oil. After the expansion of electric motors, vehicles with electric motors have been started to use liquefied hydrogen. After the hydrogen-fueled train that Germany announced, similar news came from America.

Researchers at the University of Illinois in the state of Illinois in the United States are working on a commercial airplane with hydrogen propulsion electric motors. The project that the researchers submitted to NASA has been approved by NASA and the research team will be paid $ 6 million to continue developing the project.

There are several reasons why such a project should be started and sustainable. As is known, works are being carried out for cleaner air worldwide and countries are making huge investments in this regard. As for the aviation industry, the increasing number of aircraft travels in the sky causes the number of aircraft in the sky to be inadequate.

In fact, a survey conducted in the United States in the next 20 percent of aircraft travel is thought to increase. When jet fuels are polluted both by the air and by the high costs, scientists are looking for new searches. The plane project also emerged with this idea.

The project is run by two associate professors, Phillip Ansell, and Kiruba Haran. “The project involves the development of a fully electric aircraft that uses cryogenic liquid hydrogen as the energy method,” says Ansell. In a more descriptive manner; the engines of this aircraft provide the propulsion power by converting hydrogen into electrical energy. Hydrogen-driven systems have less energy loss and more power. In this way, the project is beyond today’s known aircraft.

However, there is a very important problem that cannot be solved in this project. This problem is how to integrate this electrically generated propulsion into aircraft. At the moment there is no such system, similar systems are not effective enough. However, the research team thinks that this problem can be overcome. We need to wait for the completion of this project to see how the next generation of aircraft will be built.

NASA provides $ 6 million in funding to the research team on future aircraft
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