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NASA Prepares to encounter the God of Chaos, the nearest Asteroid to Earth

Apofis, which is the largest of the asteroids passing near our planet until today, will be close to 31 thousand kilometers to the world on 13 April 2029. NASA announced that it has already started preparations to observe this event.

Apophis or the alias God of Chaos, the Earth will be very close in 2029. According to NASA, this event will take place at the level of “dangerous approach”.

The event will take place on April 13, 2029, the celestial body will approach the Earth 31 thousand kilometers. According to experts, the meteorite will move at a very high speed. The object that will pass through the Moon in 1 minute will be as bright as the stars.

NASA reported that it was preparing to watch the transition. Researchers who said that the celestial body would not hit our planet, however, said that some planes could be seen as close as the route followed.

“The close passage of Apophis will be an incredible opportunity for science,” said NASA radar expert Marina Brozovic. “We will observe the asteroid with both our optical and radar telescopes. With the radar telescopes, we will be able to see the details of the surface of the Apophis in just a few meters.”

Researchers will meet in Maryland, the USA next week. In this meeting, the details of how to do the observation will be reviewed and possible collision scenarios will be discussed, even if the possibility is not given.

The celestial body, which is 34 times larger than the largest asteroids seen before, has a width of about 340 meters. First, the celestial body to be seen on the east and west coast of Australia will end its passage through the Indian Ocean on the Pacific and leave its orbit.

The asteroid discovered in 2004 is named after Apophis, the god of chaos and an evil god of Egyptian mythology. The official name of the celestial body is 99942 Apofis.

Some conspiracy theorists say the giant meteorite, the size of 3 football fields, is likely to hit Earth.

NASA Prepares to encounter the God of Chaos, the nearest Asteroid to Earth
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