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NASA Outlines Plan for 2024 Moon Landing

To successfully complete the Moon Task to be accomplished, NASA is improving its plan every day.

The Apollo 11 spaceship and astronauts carrying the first two people (Commander Neil Armstrong and the lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin) to the Earth’s moon, the Moon, have taken a truly important place in the dusty pages of history. Now, in 2024, NASA meticulously planned the task of traveling to a new manned moon.

While NASA management has already made budget demands for 2024 manned Moon duty, the technical part of the business has gradually started to be specific and started to settle in the plan. In a presentation at the joint meeting of the Space Studies Committee and the Aerospace Engineering Board, NASA, deputy director of human discovery and duties, Bill Gerstenmaier said, We have created a plan and this plan seems to be working successfully, but I can say that it is neither easy nor risk-free. Uzay said.

However, there are many more challenging processes in front of NASA to perform the Month Task. The first launch is planned to take place at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021. The observation mission (EM-1) to be carried out without the crew will be followed by the launch of the Orion spaceship, which will take the astronauts into orbit, in 2022 for testing purposes and with the crew in it.

Orion space shuttle.

The final stage will be the realization of the task. With the EM-3 mission scheduled for 2024, a manned landing will take place. It is reported that delaying the resolving of some problems in the firing and delaying the take-off of the EM-1 in this direction will not affect the planned dates of the other phases of the Moon Mission.

Da We want all-in-one service including landing, landing and transfer stages for landing, including said Gerstenmaier, who is looking for more successful results at the moon landing stage and NASA is looking for integrated moon landing concepts and said they expect to see other companies’ concept designs.

Bill Gerstenmaier said that he was really concerned about the budget and that the 2024 Months Mission would be a minimalist task. Stating that the budget of the task will be kept as low as possible, Gerstenmaier said that they requested the Congress again and again in order to perform the task.

NASA Outlines Plan for 2024 Moon Landing
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