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NASA May Lose Access to the ISS for Nine Months or More

NASA is having a hard time in recent times. Some of the flaws in the projects are tearing off the space agency’s International Space Station.

NASA has many spacecraft that continue to study on many planets and research continues without slowing down. But NASA, in other words, is in need of Russia when there is a lot of human transport, and the projects for changing this situation are not going well. Finally, after SpaceX and Boeing’s hurdles in new human spacecraft projects for NASA, fell into a difficult situation.

At present, the only vehicle in the world that allows the International Space Station to carry crew is the Soyuz-named vehicle of Russia. However, NASA’s contract with Russia for the use of this vehicle ends in November 2019. SpaceX and Boeing’s projects for NASA have been postponed to 2019, but even if the vehicles are prepared by November 2019, NASA needs to test the vehicles by carrying out security tests before sending them to space.

In this case, NASA’s connection to the International Space Station is likely to be cut off. Because the Office of Government Accountability (GOA) in the US is still some obstacle in front of NASA. According to the GOA, NASA does not have the metric yet to quickly test the safety of vehicles and make them ready to send vehicles to Russia before the end of the contract with Russia.

The GOA says that this test and approval process can be completed for at least 9 months, and NASA says it will not be possible to get new boots at Soyuz during this time. So NASA will not be able to send astronauts away with Soyuz the next time. This means that there will be no NASA astronauts at the International Space Station for a minimum of 9 months for the test of their vehicles.

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