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NASA has discovered a Galaxy perfectly aligned with Earth

In his research with the Spitter Space Telescope, NASA came across an interesting event. A galaxy that was perfectly aligned with the Earth in its position was discovered. Since this galaxy NGC 5866 is aligned with the Earth, the vast majority of the galaxy cannot be seen.

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope can capture fascinating photographs of objects in the depths of space, and we often want to see them straight when we see visuals of complex galaxies. The Spitzer Space Telescope shot a galaxy called NGC 586 and it was very interesting and different.

Astronomers are often overwhelmed in determining how far distant galaxies stand at an angle to Earth, whereas in the NGC 5866, the situation is very different. Since we only see the side of the galaxy, the NGC 5866 looks like a huge splinter in space.


NASA said in a new blog post that it is difficult to get information about such galaxies because only a very small portion appears. The following phrases appeared in the post:

“It is very difficult to learn about the history and shape of the NGC 5866 because of its location. Our view of this galaxy is similar to the Milky Way Galaxy. Because of our closeness to astronomers, if we had seen our galaxy from the front, we would see how. ”

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The Spitzer Space Telescope has been studying space for almost 16 years. This means that their life span is five and a half years.

Although the Spitzer Space Telescope continues to be so successful, it is well known that the space telescope is slowly completing its life. The telescope, which can only shoot for several hours without the need for recharging, is scheduled to officially retire on January 2020.

NASA has discovered a Galaxy perfectly aligned with Earth
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