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NASA has announced that a 650-foot asteroid will pass near Earth.

In mid-November, NASA announced that an asteroid, almost the size of an island, at a speed of about 29,000 km / h, would pass near Earth. It is stated that the probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth is relatively low.

In space, there are fragments of rock and metal from the cloud of dust and gas, from which the Solar System was formed 4.6 billion years ago. These pieces of rock and metal of various sizes and shapes, which are orbiting the Sun, are called asteroids.

Asteroids, although smaller than planets, can be hundreds of kilometers wide. On November 21, 481394 2006, a 650-meter-wide asteroid, called SF6, will pass near Earth’s orbit. The massive 650-meter rock mass belongs to the Apollo asteroid class, the most dangerous asteroid class in Earth’s orbit. Scientists say that the asteroid is likely to move closer to Earth with the effect of Yarkovsky.

The Yarkovsky effect explains that radiation emitted by the Sun can change the asteroid’s orbit. According to the Yarkovsky effect, asteroids can be directed to Earth’s orbit by sunlight.

Asteroids greater than 35 meters can be considered a threat to the Earth. Asteroids greater than 35 meters can be a threat to a town or a small city. Therefore, the size of 650 meters 481394 2006 SF6, can be considered a threat to the world.


481394 No ranking is given for the 2006 SF6 on the Turin scale. Torino scale is the name of the scale in which the objects that could potentially hit Earth are lined up. The Turin scale has the “white” category at the bottom of the hand. Objects without risk of impacting the Earth fall into this category. The objects that are certain to hit the Earth are in the “red” category.

NEO is the name given to asteroids and comets approaching Earth and the orbit of the Sun. Organizations such as NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) follow NEOs that may approach the Earth. 481394 Detected in 2006 SF6 as a result of this NASA study.


NASA has announced that a 650-foot asteroid will pass near Earth.
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