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NASA completes full-power tests of small, portable nuclear reactor

NASA is continuing to work on Mars in life and space exploration. Longer journeys can now be made at longer distances with the latest studies.

We are now working with humanity to discover not only the world but the entire universe. Each passing day, we are signing up to many other new developments about other planets and our own world, and these developments keep us moving forward. The new nuclear reactor, which NASA has been working on for a long time with similar objectives, is now ready for use in the space adventure of mankind, especially in Mars, passing through the final tests.

NASA has been working on a technology that has long been able to ‘generate energy on its own in space’. The new system is actually a small, portable nuclear reactor. This system, called Kill power, has different versions to produce energy in different quantities between 1 and 10 kilowatts. Researchers say that Kill power, which will be used according to the freight volumes of rockets, will also change.

NASA has also achieved positive results in the latest tests conducted in March and shared the results. Vehicles traveling on space in this way will be able to make long-term explorations easier and stay longer in space. All these studies bring to mind the situations of ‘space life’ and ‘space travel for people’. Twenty years ago, for a space travel with a futuristic line filming theme, it would not be possible to imagine it anymore.

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