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More people are trading their iPhones in for Androids, study says

The research firm, BankMyCell, published a report demonstrating the dependence on smartphone brands. In the published report, iPhone commitment has declined, while iPhone users have shown a trend towards Samsung’s smartphones.

The competition between smartphones, especially in the field of technology, is progressive, but there is one common goal for these technologies: the mass of users. All companies are making an effort to attract customers by offering more advanced technologies at a competitive price.

For now, Samsung is the leader in the smartphone industry. In addition, Huawei and Apple, Samsung is in pursuit to be the first, but the latest reports that emerged, Apple did not do a very good job in this regard.


A research firm, BankMyCell, published a report examining the transition between smartphones and operating systems. According to the report published in the new phone preferences of iPhone users, Apple appeared to prefer as much as before.

The company has reviewed 38,000 data since October 2018 and said that when it looked to March 2018, the loyalty to the iPhone dropped by 15.2%. Of course, in addition to this data, iPhone’s rival was also examined.


Samsung, the leader of the smartphone industry, has a loyal audience, according to BankMyCell’s data. While 26% of people using iPhone X switched their phones for another device, only 7.7% of Galaxy S9 users opted for the iPhone. The remaining 92.3% remained in the Android operating system.

Announcing June 2019 data, BankMyCell said that 18% of those who use their iPhone and switch phones chose Samsung. BankMyCell, which reinforces its data with the data of other companies in order to increase the reliability of its own data, said that the loyalty to the iPhone has reached its lowest rates since 2011 and dropped to 73%.


At the end of the second quarter of 2019, Kantar stated that sales of iOS-based devices in the USA accounted for 36% of all sales; 2.4% decrease compared to the same period last year. Android devices increased by 61% to 2.5%.

Apple did not give an immediate response when asked for their views on the issue.

More people are trading their iPhones in for Androids, study says
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