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Microsoft Appeared To Be Listening To User Conversations

It turned out that users can record conversations and listen to employees by using the interpreter feature, which is also available in the Android version of Skype for technology giant Microsoft.

Problems with digital security continue to increase every day. A new one has now been added to the companies, which are often heard by famous companies, and especially by listening through voice assistants. This time, it turned out that technology giant Microsoft was listening to users through Skype.

Records that are proof of Microsoft’s listening were seized by Motherboard. According to Motherboard, this data was obtained from third parties working for Microsoft. This means that Microsoft is sharing unfairly recorded user data with its partners.

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Moreover, single listening is not possible via Skype. According to Motherboard, Microsoft is listening to users’ conversations with Cortana, the voice assistant service.

Motherboard officials made a statement about the data obtained and said that the majority of these records include users’ conversations with their loved ones. Authorities, seized in the audio recordings of some users talk about their problems with their loved ones, some of the users said they entered into discussions about their relationship in general. Giving subjects with so many point throws strengthens Motherboard’s claims.

A company employee said he wanted the facts to come to light bypassing the records to the Motherboard and said that Microsoft was too loose on the protection of user data. The data was also shared after a special agreement between the Motherboard and the employee.

According to the motherboard, user data is usually composed of voice recordings ranging from 5 to 10 seconds. In addition, according to the screenshots obtained, this listening process, the Android version of Skype “Interpreter” feature is done through.

With the emergence of this incident, Microsoft officials, by contacting the motherboard via e-mail has made some statements. The e-mail sent by a Microsoft authority mentions that Microsoft always cares about user data, and emphasizes that Microsoft has been granted permission from users before listening to user data. In the same e-mail, it is stated that the data that Microsoft has recorded is obtained by the users granting usage permission.

This event that Microsoft is involved in will be neither the first nor the last. Companies often use this method to develop artificial intelligence technologies, but the fact that users don’t know it disrupts their reputation. Even recently, Apple announced that the development process of Siri, the voice assistant service, has been halted and that an update will be available in the future, allowing users to use their data. With Microsoft’s involvement in the listening event, we can say that almost all of today’s leading companies have unauthorized listening.

Microsoft Appeared To Be Listening To User Conversations
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