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WARNİNG !Mercedes Will Let You Play Racing Video Games In Your Car (VIDEO)

Mercedes-Benz has transformed the infotainment system MBUX into a gaming console, surprisingly included in the gaming industry.

While the gaming industry is growing more and more, entertainment systems in cars are beginning to adapt to the games. 2019 was a new start for the simulator makers and car manufacturers. How would you like to play in the Forza series, where some of us enjoy playing in the house with the steering and pedal set, in a real car, with real steering and pedals?

Mercedes-Benz, joining MWC 2019, one of the most popular events of this year, introduced the CLA version for 2020. Mercedes-Benz played Mario Kart in the MBUX Infotainment system in the 2020 CLA, and stunned the people involved.

The MBUX infotainment system in the car allows you to control the steering wheel and pedal in the game. Moreover, the keys and signal handles on the steering wheel are included in this option. The car’s inclusion in the game is not limited to physical touch. When you play at high speeds in the game, the air outlets in the car blow air to your face, green and red lights pointing to the beginning of the race are shown with the ambiance of the car and when you hit it somewhere, your belt gets bored.

Mercedes-Benz became one of the first companies to enter the field ambitiously. We can see similar moves from other manufacturers when the 2020 CLA is left on the market. You can browse the 2020 CLA’s game performance in MWC 2019 from the video below.

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