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Meet The World’s Most Powerful Car At 2,000 Horsepower: The Lotus Evija

The most powerful mass-produced automobile title ever produced was the Lotus Evija with its 2000 hp engine.

Rimac C_Two was the most powerful mass-production car in the world with its 1914 horsepower. Now, this electric car has been replaced by another super sports car. British carmaker Lotus’s Evija was the first mass-produced car to reach 2000 horsepower.

The new Evija stands out as an important car for Lotus. Each of the wheels has more horsepower than any Lotus model ever produced. The Chinese buy Geely took the company’s usual light and sports models and turned it into an electric monster.

spor otomobil


The power of the cars used by the majority of people is less than 200 horsepower. This car has a full 2000 horsepower engine. Moreover, electric vehicles give the feeling of speed much better than their fossil fuel counterparts.

The torque of the Evija can reach up to 1700 Nm. With 20 or 21-inch magnesium rims, the car is ready to hit the road in a matter of seconds and use all its power.

Williams Advanced Engineering has been able to develop a battery with an output of 2000 kW that can provide the power the vehicle needs. Located in the middle of the carbon fiber monocoque, this battery not only helps with weight distribution but also can store 70 kWh of energy. This makes the vehicle 400 kilometers range. If you’re driving the car-crazy and pushing your limits, the cooling system gives you the chance to experience the most exciting and terrifying 7 minutes of your life. It is not difficult to keep the temperature of the vehicle under control.

lotus evija

lotus evija

Lotus Evija has a charge of 800 kW. It takes only 9 minutes to fully charge the vehicle. Of course, you need a quick charge for it.

Since the vehicle has not yet been tested, Lotus can only provide us with estimated performance figures. This electric monster will accelerate from 0-100 km / h in under 3 seconds. Evija will be able to reach a speed of 0 to 300 km / h in 9 seconds when a standard family car can reach the speed limit on the highway. The highest speed of the vehicle was announced to be more than 320 km.

Thanks to the special gearbox and special system that facilitates turning, the vehicle is able to grasp the road better. The body design, which is said to be inspired by aviation, is supported by air ducts and outlets. Lotus says the function of these ducts is to reduce the air friction applied to the vehicle. There are LED taillights around the air vents. Laser was preferred in the headlights.


There is no key entry on the doors of the vehicle opening up, the key is used electronically. When you enter the vehicle, a very elegant front panel welcomes you. The car’s button-rich panel and the steering wheel resembling a spaceship rudder welcome you.

Only 130 Evijas will be produced. Each can be customized in color, interior finish and details. You can even put your own logo in the C-column of the car. (Column C: the one behind the pillars connecting the trunk to the ceiling. Column A on the driver’s side; B, the middle column). Let’s see how these 130 winners will decorate their cars.

Meet The World’s Most Powerful Car At 2,000 Horsepower: The Lotus Evija
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