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Massive 10-Petawatt Laser Can Vaporize Matter

Romanian researchers successfully tested a one-tenth of the Sun’s influence on Earth. while the Romanian researchers were successfully conducting experiments at 10 petawatts (PW). This laser is one of the three international projects known as Extreme Light Infrastructure in Europe (ELI) and the most powerful ever produced.

10 It is a little difficult to underestimate the magnitude of the PW, as it corresponds to about 10,000,000,000,000,000 W. If we make a comparison, the power of the laser showers sold in the US is limited to 0.005 W.

10 Origin of PW Laser
The laser is part of the Extreme Light Infrastructure project initiated by scientists in Europe in the mid-2000s and led by Nobel laureate scientist Gerard Mourou. The aim of the project is not only the research infrastructure but also applied science.

The project was funded by the European Commission, and within a few years, three countries were selected to host three new lasers: Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Currently, the project has generated 850m euros in revenue from the European Regional Development Fund.

10 PW Laser is located at the ELI facility in the Măgurele region, close to the capital Bucharest. The ELI plant was established to investigate photonuclear physics and its applications.

It can evaporate. Although this is exciting, it is only one example; Having such a power in a laser also allows us to understand how heavy metals are formed.

In terms of more practical research, the ELI facility will continue to explore medical research on proton cancer treatment and even ways of getting rid of radioactive waste. In addition, the 10 PW power can also be used to control the inside of transport containers for safety.

So 10 PW power can be used for medical, security or scientific purposes, of course, what happens if it falls into the wrong hands.

Massive 10-Petawatt Laser Can Vaporize Matter
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