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Listening to its users, Apple will eventually produce a smaller iPhone.

Apple may launch a smaller and cheaper iPhone model in the early 2020s. However, this phone will not be a new model of the iPhone 8 seems to be a reduced model.

Apple had gathered a cut by users in response to the new iPhone models. There was a community that said the phones were too big and they had trouble using it and wanted a smaller iPhone. In the past, the iPhone SE, which has removed Apple, was able to produce a phone for these users exactly. Now it turns out that it has begun work to produce a new phone similar to the SE-holding model.

The iPhone SE was designed as a smaller version of the iPhone 6 and launched. This phone is expected to be a lower model of the iPhone 8. Compared to the iPhone 11 is expected to be sold at a much more affordable price. Launched in 2016, the iPhone SE had a price tag worth $ 400. iPhone SE 2 is expected to come at a similar price.

What about the features?


Although it is estimated that the iPhone 8 will be smaller and more affordable on the basis of the phone, the processor and the amount of RAM are much more likely to be the same as the iPhone 11. So the phone will come with the new generation A13 processor.

After the iPhone 8, Apple started using Face ID instead of Touch ID and removed the ‘home’ button from their phones. This new phone is also likely to encounter Face ID. The phone is not expected to use the ‘home’ button.

Although rumors are circulating in the middle, Apple has not made an official statement about the phone. However, there are still many rumors coming from sources that Apple is working on this new iPhone SE 2. Rumors say the phone will be launched in early 2020.

Listening to its users, Apple will eventually produce a smaller iPhone.
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