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Jony Ive is leaving Apple: 15 of his most iconic products and designs

Apple’s largest designer Jony Ive has completed countless projects in the company for more than 30 years. Some of his designs became iconic.

When Jony Ive came to the sinking Apple company in 1996, perhaps he could not predict how successful he would be. Returning from exile Steve Jobs included in the team I’ve has signed many important designs.

Jony Ive’s designs have challenged time and created significant changes in their respective sectors. The 15 iconic products designed by Steve Jobs, ’the spiritual partner in Apple, I am as follows:

iMac G3 (1998)

The iMac G3, which created a big event with its new and exciting computer design in its period, was the first light-shining product for Apple’s recovery from collapse. The device first appeared in Bondi Blue and then added 10 different colors to its scale.

imac g3

iBook G3 (1999)

With its translucent colored panels, the design language of the G3 is reflected in other products. The slim iBook G3 with its plastic and rubber casing, compared to the 12.1-inch period, also attracted great attention.

ibook g3

G4 Cube Computer (2000)

This computer, unlike the computer, was located in transparent polycarbonate.

g4 cube

G4 Cube Speakers

These ball-like speakers were the perfect accessories for the audio output needed by the G4 Cube. These speakers were powered by the USB port.

Apple iSub Speaker (2000)

Built with the Harmon Kardon pasture, it is more like a device for collecting and examining jellyfish than a speaker.

iBook G4 (2000)

Produced in a more traditional line, this device with an opaque white polycarbonate lid, with its rounded corners, was no longer a brick.

ibook g4

iPod (2001)

The first MP3 player wasn’t the iPod, but the incredibly simple design and rotatable wheel design were unique. The user interface was also very enjoyable.

2001  ipod

iMac G4 Computing (2001)

This interesting device in white and silver design had the whole electronic system squeezed into a hemisphere and a moving screen on top.

imac g4

iMac G5 (2004)

With its L-shaped stand, deep subframe and huge display, Apple’s all-in-one iMac G5 have become the ancestor of all iMac models to date. I’ve said the most important thing was the screen. With this model, the center of the iMacs is also fitted.

imac g5

iPod Mini (2004)

The smaller, more affordable iPod Mini was a great success and attracted a lot of attention. the space-saving wheel control device has a distinctive appearance.

ipod mini

iPhone (2007)

The iPhone is one of the most influential devices in the modern world, and according to some researchers, it is the most profitable electronic device in the world. The 3.5-inch multi-touch device was similar in design to the iPod Touch.

iphone 2007

iPad (2010) Steve jobs iPad

The iPad is not the first tablet computer in history. But the iPad stands out as the product that makes tablet computers a major player in the market. Although it takes a little longer to explain that the 9.7-inch device isn’t the iPhone bigger iPhone uz, we already know what happens next.

steve jobs ipad

iOS 7 (2013)

I’ve had replaced the outdated interface, the most revolutionary iOS version ever, with bright pastel colors and the modern interface used today. Ve Simplicity is to bring order to complexity, I’ve introduced.

ios 7

Apple Watch (2014)

Apple Watch, Apple’s first fitness tracker in 2014, stainless steel body, digital display, and exchangeable cords were released. The device, which has a very successful design, was criticized for its short battery life and high price, but it received great attention.

apple watch

Apple Park (2017)

Apple’s new campus center, built on thousands of square meters, and Steve Jobs Theater, including the 9000 trees adorned with Apple Park is also one of Ive’s work. Even though Norman Foster was the chief architect of the work, I’ve was actively involved in building an architecture according to the company’s needs and culture.

apple park

‘Sir’ title Jony Ive, Apple has added a lot. The famous designer will now continue his career with his own company, LoveFilm.

Jony Ive is leaving Apple: 15 of his most iconic products and designs
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