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Jeff Bezos’ total wealth outperforms 100 billion dollars

 Bloomberg has been looking out for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ aggregate resources and notes that today, out of nowhere, it has outperformed $100 billion.

That is 100,000,000,000 dollars. He was by then definitively the wealthiest individual on the planet resulting in spending some bit of 2016 trading places with Bill Gates. Passages, by chance, was the last individual to accomplish that stratospheric level of wealth, in  1999.

Bits of his aggregate resources (to him) are being spent on expensive (to run of the mill individuals) things: $250 million on the Washington Post in 2013.

Bezos’ fortune is swelling essentially in light of the fact that Amazon’s stock has been doing all things considered well this year. It was a Black Friday Amazon stock esteem thump that pushed him over the 12-figure check today. That stock thump was completely supported, as one firm gages that Amazon may have spoken to the bit of each online arrangement for Black Friday. Half.

In any case, at that stratospheric level of wealth, the kind of money that is basically hard to comprehend short of talking about national regulatory spending designs, you can’t avoid a clear request: what measure of will he give away and how? Bezos himself is unmistakably hunting down an answer. This past June he moved toward Twitter for musings on the most capable strategy to be a predominant contributor. His goal was to deal with issues “at the intersection purpose of basic need and continuing impact

As of this minute, there are about 50 thousand answers to Bezos’ tweet. How about we simply do some basic division to give you a feeling of the size of Bezos’ fortune at this moment. On the off chance that he simply split his cash up between each of the 47,742 individuals who answered to his tweet, they’d each get around 2.1 million dollar

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