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Jeff Bezos Shared A Photograph Of The Houses We Will Be Sitting In Space In The Future.

One day we are sure to establish colonies in space in the future. According to Jeff Bezos, our homes will look quite different when those days come.

The only life in our system is on our planet. In the future, we will probably begin to colonize the planets in our system, starting with Mars first.

One of the richest names in the world, Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, has a company based on space studies called Blue Origin. In fact, the company recently introduced the vehicle to land on the moon. In other words, Bezos has a lot of interest in space. In Elon Musk and SpaceX, they do not get to know his name very often, but they are in a state of dental conflict.

Designed by the physicist Gerard O başkaNeill, the houses are nothing but remarkable. The living spaces of the houses are self-sufficient and one day people are designed to build colonies.

In an interview, Bezos asked, “Do we want reports and stagnation, dynamism and growth?” Bezos, who favored the dynamism, said that if we could get out of our system, we could have trillions of people in the universe.

Not giving much information about self-sufficient systems Bezos, these systems can accommodate a large number of people, he said. ”They’re very big buildings, they’re going for miles, and they can each accommodate a million or more people, aynı said Bezos.

Of course, in these colonies, everything will be man-made and there will be absolute control of the people on the environment. It is not expected that there are great dangers in the environment. Probably natural threats will be events and earthquakes outside the station.

These centers will also be close enough to the Earth for the technology of that period and will be able to travel to and from these regions.

Bezos said that it is very costly to go into space at the moment, but one day these concepts will come true.

Jeff Bezos Shared A Photograph Of The Houses We Will Be Sitting In Space In The Future.
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