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Israel’s Satellite Launched to the Moon May Have Founded the First Extraterrestrial Colony

According to information from Israel’s moon crashed in the moon, there will be thousands of water bear in question mark whether there will survive. Water bears, or tardigrades, are known to survive in almost all circumstances.

Tardigrad or water bear is known to live on a microscopic scale and can live in almost any environment. These small jengavers, who survived five major extinctions that have led to the extinction of most of the living things to date, maybe the first living creatures on the Moon.


The US-based Arch Mission Foundation has loaded thousands of these creatures into the Israeli box satellite Behersheet. The aim of the Association is to find other habitable planets in the future in case our planet becomes uninhabitable.

Behersheet failed to complete his mission and crashed instead of landing on the Moon. “Our cargo can be the only thing that survived that mission, Nova said Nova Spivack, founder of the Arch Mission Foundation.

What is Tardigrad?


Although there is controversy about the age of this dying species, the species is thought to have emerged from 520 million years to 100 million years ago. Tardigrades, also known as water bears, can live at temperatures between 150 and -272 degrees.
According to experts, there is no obstacle to the survival of water bears on the Moon. The two barriers to life on the moon, atmosphericity and radiation, do not affect these small creatures. On the other hand, it is not possible for these creatures to spread and reproduce on the Moon surface. The water bears who freeze themselves and survive need water to return to life.

Israel’s Satellite Launched to the Moon May Have Founded the First Extraterrestrial Colony
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