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Is Autonomous Vehicles Going to Become a Taxi?

As you know, the autonomous vehicles have been talking a lot lately. There are those who see it as a great technological advance, as well as those who advocate it as unsafe. In this context, California had a new attack: Autonomous vehicles will carry passengers.

Autonomic tools are perhaps not the kind of technology that we are accustomed to, so we took a lot of interest. Autonomic tools seem to continue their existence in the forefront, although they are currently causing bad results because they are new. California has also introduced new rules for autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles may be used for passenger transport if they accept a proposal from the California Public Services Commission.

Autonomous vehicles, which currently require a driver at the beginning, are planned to be used without driver in the future. Anyone who is 18 years old can use these tools.

It is expected that the candidates who apply to be an autonomous vehicle driver will prove that the first 18 years of age are filled and then the number of vehicle miles driven and that they can do this job. Passengers passing these stages will be tested in 90 days after receiving a test permit.

It is expected that the application, which is now piloted, will become widespread and break ground in the driverless passenger carrier. From another point of view, this development will be a turning point for the autonomous vehicle industry. So what are you thinking about this? Do you think in this case they occur-Uber taxi drivers fight in Turkey, does it return to the cabbie-autonomous fight?

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