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iPhone Owners get a bad rating in the “Which Device Do You Use” Survey

In the US, a new consumer-oriented survey was added. The new survey is different from other surveys with its questions and results.

Decluttr conducted a survey of US citizens who owned a smartphone. In the survey, users were asked the name of the iPhone models, whether the device is water-resistant, whether it supports NFC and 5G.

The results of the 2,000-person survey were quite surprising. Especially the fact that most of the users do not know which model phone they use is one of the factors that make the survey surprising.

44 percent of iPhone XR and iPhone 7 users did not know which device they have. People with newer phones, such as the iPhone X and the iPhone XS, could even know the models they used. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S9 + users have the highest percentage about knowing which model phone. You can see the chart below showing the mentioned rates.

Another interesting issue is that 14 percent of citizens who own the iPhone X, XS and XR have learned that NFC support on their phones thanks to this survey. Even more interesting is the fact that people who own this model of iPhones have learned that their phone is water-resistant.

Finally, most iPhone users are a bit confused about whether or not to have a 5G feature that is slowly entering our lives. In fact, in terms of the prevalence of 5G, it can sometimes be difficult to answer correctly. In this context, 47 percent of iPhone users using the AT&T service and 24 percent of users using the Verizon service thought that their devices had 5G support. However, 5G-supported iPhone models are expected to be released in 2020.

Do you think it’s easier for people living in the US to buy phones there because they know so important things about the phones they use?

iPhone Owners get a bad rating in the “Which Device Do You Use” Survey
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