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iPhone 11 cases revealed, reinforcing Apple Pencil claims

The Apple Pencil compartment on the iPhone cases produced on the popular smartphone case manufacturer Olixar and MobileFun reveals that Apple Pencil support can be used on the iPhone 11s.

Technology giant Apple will launch new iPhone launches for a long time. Looking at Apple’s previous launch dates, we can say that the company has several weeks to promote its new models.

Check-in was shortly, but Apple never gave a secret about the new iPhone models. Almost no feature of the phone models is unknown, but there are many rumors about the new iPhones. Now a new rumor has been added and new iPhones will have pen support.

iPhone 11

This time the owner of the claim, the popular phone case manufacturer Olixar. Olixar has produced phone cases for new iPhones and these cases have been listed on a website called “MobileFun”. Olixar’s iPhone 11 cases have a remarkable detail: the Apple Pencil case. The claim that the iPhone 11s will have the support of Apple Pencil was strengthened with Olixar’s phone cases.

Here are the iPhone 11 cases produced by Olixar

iphone 11

Looking at the phone cases, the front of the iPhone 11, the company launched last year, the iPhone XS is similar. The Apple Pencil compartment is clearly visible when it comes to the back of the phone. This also reinforces the rumors that the iPhone 11s will support Apple Pencil. But of course Olixar is a third party manufacturer and these phone cases may not reflect the truth.

If Apple is considering adding Apple Pencil support to the iPhone 11, it is likely that it is working on a new Apple Pencil. Taking care of user comfort, Apple will produce a new Apple Pencil line that will both reduce its size and make it lighter and easier to carry. But of course, it is worth recalling that this is a claim. Although Olixar has made successful predictions in recent years, it is not possible to verify this information without an official statement from Apple. To do this, we need to wait for Apple’s upcoming launch events.

iPhone 11 cases revealed, reinforcing Apple Pencil claims
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