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iOS Feature to Extend Your iPhone’s Charging Time

Here’s how to use the “Refresh Background Application” feature on iPhones, and how to extend your battery time.

Smartphones are now everywhere in our lives. Many users today have a smartphone; using it for almost any purpose, such as listening to songs, checking e-mails, finding an address. However, smartphones that do not have endless power can be charged two to three times a day depending on the usage. This causes users to complain about charging time. This time, however, we will share a feature that is effective for extending the charging time on iPhones.

You can try many methods to increase your battery time. These methods; reducing screen brightness, turning off notifications from some applications, and disabling location services, but this method will do more for you as it can be customized for all applications.

Here’s an effective way to increase the battery life of your iPhone:


First, you need to access the “Settings” section of your iPhone.
Under the Settings menu, we reach the “General” submenu.
On the screen that appears, you will see the option “Refresh Application in the Background”. This option is part of the settings that will affect your battery time.

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After entering this menu, you will see all of your applications in order. The first thing to note is the “Refresh Background Application” section in the menu you entered. This section allows you to turn this feature off completely, to use it only on Wi-Fi, or to use both Wi-Fi and cellular data.
Charging life

Here you can extend the battery life of your iPhone as much as possible.

iOS Feature to Extend Your iPhone’s Charging Time
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