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iOS developers complain to Tim Cook over location permissions on iOS 13

Some of the developers developing apps for Apple’s App Store have criticized Apple’s changes to location permissions on iOS 13 for being anti-competitive. The developers, who agreed on this issue, filed a complaint with Tim Cook.

Apple has made some changes to how developers can use their user locations on iOS 13. A group of application developers who disliked these changes joined forces to make the changes uncompetitive and forwarded their complaints directly to Tim Cook.

In the news published by The Information, developers say that new location changes on iOS 13 will harm their business. They also accuse Apple of using a standard double standard in its anti-competitive stance and the fact that applications have to use location data. In an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook last Friday, leaders of the 7 application developers voiced concern about the company’s new restrictions on location tracking applications in future versions of the iOS operating system.

Here are 7 developers who emailed Tim Cook about location changes:

  • Tile
  • Arity
  • Life360
  • Zenly
  • Zendriv to
  • Twenty
  • happnin

iOS 13 is making changes to location data and permissions, including showing users a detailed view of how applications use location data in the background. iOS 13 also includes a new option that allows applications to access the location only once instead of allowing continuous location permission when using an application’s background access.

iOS developers complain to Tim Cook over location permissions on iOS 13
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