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Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Access Problem: Photos Not Uploading

With millions of users, the app is having access problems around the world on Instagram. We transfer the developments instantly. Instagram, the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to social media, collapsed in different areas of the world, especially in the east of America and Europe.

Instagram’s mobile application and internet connection problems began to experience. It is thought that there are problems on the servers of the application, which causes great problems especially in loading stories and seeing the contents.

Instagram crashed?

When looking at the map, it is observed that especially the region between the UK and Germany is affected, and it can be seen in different parts of Europe. The map may seem as if there is a problem in Turkey is worth noting that there was a connection problem in our country. Probably these problems are caused by the shared servers.

instagram çöktü mü

Did Facebook crash? Facebook is having problems uploading photos:

did facebook crash

Facebook is said to be experiencing access issues through its main application and website. The map above shows that Facebook, like Instagram, has problems in similar areas. Users report that the images on Facebook are not loaded, they see automatic content posts made by artificial intelligence.

facebook çöktü mü

WhatsApp crashed? Unable to download photos from WhatsApp:

Facebook and Instagram photo viewing and pre-loading problems also apply to WhatsApp. Users say they can’t download photos sent through WhatsApp. WhatsApp gives the following warning during visual downloads:

There are also complaints about whether or not the audio files can be sent to WhatsApp. The problem is thought to be caused by the central cloud systems that Facebook uses for data transfer.

You can tell us about your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram access issue by replying to the following Tweet:

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Access Problem: Photos Not Uploading
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