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Instagram Unveils New Messaging App Threads With Many Useful Features

Facebook, Instagram’ın new messaging application will offer new features with Threads. You can even share your phone’s charge level with people in front of the app, ‘I’m on my way, I’m about to come, less charge’ will be buried in history as lies.

Facebook, Instagram’s new messaging application Threads continues to work on. With this application, you will be able to share your location, speed and even the battery status of your phone with your friends.

The new app is similar to Snapchat’s Instagram, which allows you to instantly share photos with your close friends. Instagram had previously adapted Snapchat’s visuals that disappeared under stories within 24 hours.

This way, users can choose to automatically share their information with friends. According to incoming news, the app does not share exact location information, but the location tracking feature is available on WhatsApp and Facebook can choose this method. The company is currently testing the application within the company.


There will also be synchronization between Threads and Instagram. The messaging app will work in a similar way to the existing messaging style of Instagram. You can view your friends’ stories with Threads. The topics also plan to recruit users from TikTok and Snapchat, which are popular among young people.

Facebook Threads hasn’t announced when.

Should we trust Facebook?


Recently, Facebook has been using the slogan ‘The future is really privacy. This slogan also reveals the belief that privacy and privacy will be popular again in the future. For this reason, Facebook is turning to private messaging and grouping applications.

On the other hand, you automatically share every information you share with your friends on the platform via Facebook. Facebook is one of the first companies that comes to mind about data protection but in a bad sense. Frequent scandals about the leakage of personal data on the company’s agenda have been punished many times before. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, the largest of these scandals, occupied the agenda for a long time.

However, with this application, it is possible to eat less travel by proving that you are really on the road, your fare is low or you are at home.

Instagram Unveils New Messaging App Threads With Many Useful Features
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