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Information That Will Increase Your Overall Culture About Cars

We all know a lot about cars. So how much do we know about simple but effective methods of cars? In this article, we’ll explore 9 levels of information about cars that can increase your general culture.

More than 100 years have passed since the invention of cars. In this process, the tools underwent many changes and took their present form. But how much do we know about cars?

You may have been driving for years, but there may be many things you still don’t know about cars. Many things you hear or do about tools can be really useless. In this article, we have listed 9 useful information about cars that are indispensable in today’s world and 9 information you will be surprised to read.

You may not really need to replace your car’s battery:


Many battery problems are caused by oxidation of the battery wires, so pouring cola on the battery wires may be a good solution.

Instead of changing the oil, consider keeping it clean:

Araba Yakıt Deposu Kapağı
In modern cars, oil usually evaporates. It is often recommended that you change your vehicle oil every 15,000 km. However, your vehicle can run smoothly up to much longer distances with clean oil.

Check your brake pads for rust:

If you hear noise from your brake pads, it is probably due to rust. The brake linings do not need to be replaced until 90% of the linings are worn. Instead of replacing your car’s brake pads, scrubbing and scraping the areas that are exposed to rust can return the pads back to their old days.

Always try to get a second opinion:

Oto Tamir
When your mechanic tells you something about your vehicle, you probably don’t want to question an expert. Pay attention to the mechanics who claim to be too complicated to explain the problems, and they may take some money from you to tell you that some parts need to be replaced even if they are not needed. So always try to get a second opinion.

Pay attention to the tire rotation controls:

You are constantly told that you need to have your tires serviced regularly for tire rotation. However, if you do not trust your mechanic in this regard, do not ask the necessity. Because balancing machines are both expensive and challenging. If this has become a necessity, mark them with chalk to see if the tires have actually been moved and wait until the end of the procedure.

Lastik Kontrolü

The engine malfunction lamp may not be as scary as it looks:

Motor Arıza Lambası
The most common reason for the engine malfunction lamp on the control panel is that the gas cap is not seated well enough, and therefore oxygen enters the gas line. So, you may not have a big problem with the engine. These errors are usually software-based, so it’s a good idea to check them before they get busted.

Your vehicle probably does not need special additives:

Özel Katkı Maddesi
There are many special additives recommended for use in vehicles. It is often said that these substances do many things, such as saving fuel. However, this is not the case, if you use a poor quality additive, they will damage your vehicle rather than benefit. Already all the contributions your car needs are in the fuels you receive.

Online driving courses can really be effective:

Online Sürüş Kursu
There are many benefits to participating in online driving courses: they can help you save on car insurance, earn points from the driving record, and be aware of driving laws.

Speed ​​can be really unnecessary:

Uzun Yol- Şehiriçi

Basic mathematical knowledge proves that speed only helps on long journeys. Speeding in the city is nothing but an accident or punishment. According to research, you can save up to 12 minutes on an 800 km road.

We have listed many items that are thought to be true about cars but are unnecessary. They have information that could really work. If you know about the cars, you can share with us if you have useful tricks.

Information That Will Increase Your Overall Culture About Cars
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