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In Steam, a game that costs $4 will be free for a short time!!!

If point-and-click adventures are your thing, or even if you’re not sure but think that maybe they might be when you’re in the proper mood, then you should probably pop over to Steam and pick up Kathy Rain, from the makers of the recent Whispers of a Machine, for free. 

Story games are the crown of the game world. In a good story game, graphics quality, game mechanics or other items are pushed to the second plan, and the focus is on how well the game reflects the story and how much it attracts the player. Kathy Rain is exactly a story game.

In the 1990s, Kathy Rain explores the mysterious death of his grandfather, who recently lost his life, as a strong-willed journalist facing his own troubled past. The game focuses on good storytelling rather than good graphics quality.

Kathy Rain, a game from May 2016, was released by Clifftop Games and can be purchased on Steam for $ 4. Except for today. You can buy Kathy Rain for free from Steam until 22:00 this evening.

In Steam, a game that costs $4 will be free for a short time!!!
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