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impressive concept design prepared for iPhone 12 series

On the claims that the iPhone 12 series will be similar to the iPhone 4 design, a designer made a concept study based on the information he received from Ben Geskin, a prominent figure in the smartphone industry. This concept, set by the 16-year-old designer, makes it clear how the square structure of the iPhone 12 can be.

The iPhone 11 series, introduced by the US-based technology giant Apple in recent weeks, has not yet become widespread enough. However, it seems that the iPhone 11 series has not attracted much attention from analysts and designers. The reason for this is that 2020 iPhones, which have been voiced many times, claim that they will have a design similar to the iPhone 4, which was released many years ago.

Currently, both experienced analysts and designers write and draw on the design of 2020 iPhones. In fact, Ben Geskin, one of the prominent names in the smartphone industry, made some explanations on the subject and said that the iPhone 12 series will have a sharper design. Now a designer has prepared a concept study for the iPhone 12 series based on information from Ben Geskin. This study shows how the iPhone 12 series can look.

iPhone 12 konsept

This concept, which has the color Gold, which is identified with iPhones, was produced by a designer named Aziz Ghasus, only 16 years old. Ghasus says the concept design measures 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches. So this concept work is not prepared with the dimensions that we are used to seeing at Apple.

iPhone 12 konsept

Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of the concept is that the front camera cannot be seen. This suggests that the front camera can be embedded in the screen or on a platform that can be opened in the iPhone 12 series. However, it is not possible to say which method Apple would prefer in such a situation.

It’s too early to get official information about the iPhone 12. However, Apple, from the iPhone 6 series has moved away from the angled lines. The iPhone SE, which was only released in the interim period, was inspired by the iPhone 5S and had a sharp corner. Only time will show whether Apple will make such a comeback.

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