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Hydrogen Powered BMW X5 Reportedly Coming Soon

BMW does not seem to have suspended its plans to produce a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The new BMW X5, which will run on hydrogen fuel, may come soon.

For some manufacturers, it is an unnecessary and absurd invention, and for others, hydrogen, which is still the yak fuel of the future,, can be the fuel that minimizes the damage to automobiles. Hydrogen-powered engines, which are thought to be left aside with the development of electric motors, are still worth working on, according to some companies. Apparently, one of these companies is BMW.

BMW is preparing to launch a hydrogen-powered test vehicle for the BMW X5 in the next 10 years, according to a report by Forbes magazine. Until the last week, information about such vehicles was never shared with the media. In the early 2020s, we are planning to produce a small hydrogen-fueled X5 series, Kla said Klaus Frohlich, the company’s development manager. Then, we will start mass production with Toyota in 2025 Toyota.

There are hydrogen-fueled cars currently on the market. While the technology is already in use, BMW’s reason to wait so long can be to reduce prices a little bit and expect the technology to mature and develop a little more.

Hydrogen Powered BMW X5 Reportedly Coming Soon
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