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Huawei Receives Patent for a Second Screen Behind the Phone

Huawei rolled up its sleeves to patent a small square screen that would make it possible to do selfies with the rear cameras. What kind of an experience is waiting for the users?

Huawei is a brand that leaves eccentric innovations in phone technology to take care of sub-brands. That doesn’t mean that Huawei isn’t after interesting things. On the brand’s agenda, there is a square ‘selfie screen’ placed behind the phone.

Dual-screen phones are not a new breath in the industry. We know that ZTE nubia X and in vivo NEX Dual Display Edition are the latest examples of this breath. Still, the device that Huawei was inspired by is a bit older than this, and in 2017, it was called Meizu PRO 7.

According to the patent, there is a second square-shaped display just below the horizontal triple camera array, which covers the upper half of the new Huawei phone. This square screen is big enough to be an effective ‘mirror’ for selfie with triple main cameras on the back, but not wide enough to provide a complete second screen experience like nubia X or NEX DDE.

The patent also draws attention to an interesting triple camera sequence. At least one of the cameras has a square lens that we think will have a periscope-style approach lens. A similar camera is expected to be released with the company’s new flagship P30 Pro.

On the back of a phone with a different display for selfies, especially behind the main screen, nothing can be expected, but only a small lens on the top of the main screen to perform a 3D face scan.

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