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How Will Apple Be The New Autonomous Tool?

One of the company’s plans is to contribute to autonomous driving technologies, one of today’s fastest growing sectors. So what do we know about the car sproject that Apple gave the ser?

What does Apple‘s highly anticipated car project offer? Can Apple play the championship in this industry, as it usually happens in every industry it enters? We look at what we know about Apple’s automobile project.

Apple sees the potential of automation in improving road safety, enhancing mobility in the vehicle and providing wider social benefits, and preparing to play its card on automotive.

What’s going on in these cars?

It is said that Apple will be in the tools: a security driver and an operator. The security driver scans the path and is ready to take control of the vehicle at any time. The operator monitors the car’s automatic driving system. They can also deactivate the autonomous system in front of the screens with a single touch.

What about the sensors?

Apple, you can see on the road 63 plus Apple tools, LiDAR sensors, radars and cameras are used to understand the environment in which they live. They provide high resolution 360 degree 3D coverage around the car.

How can the security driver take control of the vehicle?

The safety driver can take control of the vehicle by using the wheel, brake, gas or gear lever, or by touching an override button. When the car is in autonomous mode, drivers have to keep both hands on the wheel.

Apple Maps is of outstanding importance:

Apple Maps cars are going around the world to capture high-resolution street footage. These images are part of the driving system Apple uses in its cars. Apple tools use maps and location along with the data in the sensors to plan the next move of the vehicle.

Apple’s systems are being tested in real traffic environments:

Apple is already creating some kind of self-driving software. The company, which performs daily driver meetings, also checks the updates of the software reviewed by the drivers selected as pilots.

The car watches objects around it several times a second and tries to predict its next move. This predictive intelligence also informs the driving system. It should also be noted that, although Apple’s report does not mention it, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a system that teaches autonomous cars to predict the pedestrian movement. This system also works at a 360-degree angle.

What happens if something goes wrong?

The test tool produced by Lexus, where the sensors on Apple are manufactured. Source: Macrumors

If an event occurs, all tests are paused, the data is reviewed, and a small-scale investigation is in progress. If the system or driver contributed to the event, corrective steps are being taken.

What happens next?

The resilience of Apple sensors to the LiDAR laser system proves that imaging data can be important in the future. After all, how well does your autonomous vehicle perform in the rain or fog? Sensors that can run these systems without any conditions are still under development.

Any company needs to undergo serious processes before successfully deploying autonomous means to public roads. We will see what will happen in the process and how it will reflect on the world. What do you think about autonomous vehicles and what Apple can do in this sector? Your comments are welcome!

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