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how was the world at first ?

According to the researchers, when our planet first appeared, it was a very hot burning stone with magma oceans.

Imagine that all the oceans of the world are made up of magma, there is no greenery in the land, and the whole planet is covered with smoke. Welcome to Earth in the age of development.

The world is not a living cause of this situation, of course, growth pains or adolescence. Our planet, which collides with an almost celestial body of the size of Mars, has turned to hell after that. According to the researchers, the event is such a big event that the formation of the Moon is connected to this event.

Research by a team led by Christian Maas revealed these findings and gave information about the world’s history.

The magma ocean, which has a few thousand kilometers of depth, has cooled down for thousands of years, while the Earth’s rotational movement has helped cool down the process. The researchers did this by studying the most common mineral in the earth’s crust, the silicate, and by modeling the crystallization process of the silicate. The cooling process may have lasted for thousands or even millions of years.

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