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How to Use WhatsApp Web? ( UPDATED )

WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Web login to answer questions. We have compiled all the details about WhatsApp Web, which you can access through the popular messaging application WhatsApp, browser, and desktop applications.

WhatsApp, Facebook’s instant messaging application, leads the way for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp Web, the version of WhatsApp that embeds SMS in history, which you can access from your computers; allows you to chat through WhatsApp without touching the phone. So you can access your WhatsApp account from any device you want.

Download WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp Web is the version of the mobile application used through browsers and computer applications. Users can also use the external application to message from their computer. You can click the links below for the desktop application or browser version.

whatsapp web indir

Download WhatsApp Web (Application)

WhatsApp Web login (Browser)

How to use WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web login

The first time you open the desktop application or browser version of WhatsApp Web, you will see a WhatsApp Web code as above. This code works only with the WhatsApp smartphone app. To do so, open the WhatsApp app from your smartphone without leaving the WhatsApp Web screen. Behind;

whatsapp web giriş

For Android, touch the “three dots” symbol in the upper right corner, and then touch “WhatsApp Web”.
For iOS, tap Settings in the lower right corner, and then tap WhatsApp Web.

  • Point your phone camera straight at the QR code on the computer screen. By reading the code you will be logged in to WhatsApp Web.
  • When using WhatsApp Web, make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet and that it does not run out of charge. If you wish, you can connect to the Wi-Fi network you are using on the computer, or take advantage of your mobile internet connection.

You can also access all features and settings that you reach through WhatsApp application through WhatsApp Web.

You can sign out from WhatsApp Web menu at any time. Remember to sign out of WhatsApp Web for your security, especially if you are on a foreign computer or browser. If you forget, you can also log out via WhatsApp iPhone or Android apps.

How to Use WhatsApp Web? ( UPDATED )
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