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How To Perform WhatsApp Location Scavenging ?

WhatsApp, the most widely used communication application today, has many useful features. One of them helps you to do this easily when you’re describing your location to someone: Don’t position. How do you assign your current location to someone via WhatsApp? We have explained whatsApp location for you in detail in our content.

Today, WhatsApp is the most widely used social communication application with close to 1.5 billion users per month. From the application you can chat with people who are stored in your contacts in text, voice, and video, send pictures and videos to them, and even forward files with other extensions.

In addition, WhatsApp has a very popular feature: WhatsApp location sharing. When you try to describe a place to someone through WhatsApp, you never have to. You don’t even have to describe it, because you can send your current location directly to WhatsApp.

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How to do location throwing with a smartphone?

 -WhatsApp how to share location:
 – Open WhatsApp app,
 – Enter any conversation,
 – Click the paperclip icon below,
 – Touch ‘Location in the window that opens,
 – Tap gönder Send current location ’,
 – throwing WhatsApp location

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Google Maps location sharing:

Open the Google Maps app,
Touch the blue dot to indicate where you are,
Tap ın Share your location,
Then select the person you want to share your location with,
Send a link to your location via SMS.
google maps location throwing

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How to share location via messages (SMS, MMS)

Open Google’s Messages application,
Press a conversation or Başlat Start Talk ’button,
In the conversation, press the ’+’ icon on the bottom left,
Select your location from here and confirm from the maps,
Share your location via Maps via the link.

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How To Perform WhatsApp Location Scavenging ?
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