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How technology has changed our lives? #technology

Have You Ever Wondered…

  • How does technology change lives?
  • What inventions have improved the lives of people with disabilities?
  • What could you invent to help people with disabilities?

Technology is developing, the world is changing. Look what we’ve been doing in these days when we are preparing to leave 2014 behind? Here are the most important indicators that technology has changed the life of mankind …

Teknoloji hayatımızı bakın nasıl değiştirdi
1. It is now possible to translate languages ​​instantly; it is enough to keep the camera in writing. You point the camera to a Latin script; he instantly translates his English into you. In the future, the language of the 3rd language will be thrown into the checkers!

2. It was a torture for Parkinson’s to eat on their own. Until now … However, a spoon on the sensor to the right to rotate the movement of the spinal spine to the mouth of the spins by fixing the movement allows.

3. And the future technology holograms … You open the camera, see ‘ghosts’ on the ice cream.

4. Harry Potter style billboard eyi This panel which gives the woman the face of the wind when it detects the second that the train arrives and the wind effect …

5. Astronauts also take selfies. But not like us!

Teknoloji hayatımızı bakın nasıl değiştirdi

6. The cliffs in the movies, the bridges that collapsed … All of them are actually drawn in a small set!

7. This smart glass used in the bathroom door can be closed with a single stroke if required.

8. The memory of the device covering an oca in 1956 5 MB … Memory cards used in 2005 128 MB … Today, 128 GB …

Teknoloji hayatımızı bakın nasıl değiştirdi
See how our technology changed our lives
9. We are now seeing these gates, which are separated from science fiction films!

10. We are at the beginning of the road yet; however, scientists have been able to create images by slowly connecting and monitoring images in human memory!

11. Soon we will have difficulty in separating the robots from a real person!

12. 2005 and 2013 … No need to guess the difference!

See how our technology changed our lives
13. Transparent vehicles will face more often in the near future.

14. Aside from the planets we discovered until 2013, we discovered almost 200 times more planets in 2014 than in previous years!

15. People with disabilities will be much more fortunate in the future. For example, this man without a handle, how does he use his bionic arm?

16. Let’s look at this disability without a handle. Do you think it’s hard for you to tie your shoelace?

17. Remember the times when we couldn’t keep the trash like a basket. But now the trash cans know where the garbage will fall and go there!

Teknoloji hayatımızı bakın nasıl değiştirdi

18. Shanghai … How did it change from 1987 to 2014? Unbelievable!

19. Augmented reality will be the technology of the future. 3-D modeling will be done with these glasses!

20. There are some clothes that use the latest technology that does not pass the liquid, and the stain is removed!

21. If we tell you that all of these devices are in the device you’re currently carrying in your pocket … Isn’t it amazing?

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