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How often do sharks attack humans?

Sharks have long been regarded as the greatest danger awaiting people at sea under the influence of Hollywood. The truth is very different.

There has been a strange perception of sharks since the Jaws film debuted. The idea is that these creatures are brutally attacking everyone and everything. In reality, this is not the case. The International Shark Attack File examined all of the 130 cases alleged to have attacked humans last year and sharks attacked people.

66 of the attacks, people entering the shark-inhabited area, but did not exhibit provocative attitude to the living happened to people. Of the remaining cases, 34 people were identified as incidents that provoke sharks. Trying to touch a fish or try to solve the network it enters into this category.

Sharks cause an average of 6 mortal events per year. The total number of unscrupulous shark attacks last year was less than 84, the average of the previous five years. Last year’s number of mortal attacks was 5.

As the human population grows and spreads, we are faced with more sharks. It is thought that as global warming increases in the coming years, we will encounter more shark attacks.

Larry Cahoon, a professor of marine biology and biology, advises those who want to avoid shark attacks, saying that the clearest solution is to swim to the shore. The scientist who says that a shark who wants to eat you will follow you, recommends not to try to punch the animal’s nose as it is said.

George Burgess, another expert who states that sharks do color distinction very well, said that the colors that contrast in water, especially yellow, attract the attention of sharks.

How often do sharks attack humans?
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