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How Much Data does Netflix Sequences and Films Use?

Netflix, the popular TV series and film monitoring platform, serves both its mobile applications and its subscribers via its website. So how much data consumption does Netflix use? We explain both the answer to this question and how to access the Netflix data consumption settings.

Netflix, the most popular optional / paid content tracking platform in the world, is now missing. TV services received via cable or satellite to replace the place, began to threaten the future of movie theaters.

Netflix is ​​one of the most curious about how much data consumption. It is important to know the amount of data that Netflix consumes, especially if you have a quota service or if you are watching series and movies on the mobile internet. In mobile applications, the amount of data consumed by downloaded content for subsequent viewing is easily visible. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to keep track of how much data is consumed instantaneously during instant tracking or on the website.

Data consumption according to the resolution level according to the details offered by Netflix:

Netflix, as you know, does not allow you to adjust the resolution via the official player. If you are watching content instantly, the resolution quality is automatically determined based on your internet connection speed. Of course, there are some ways to adjust this quality. Let us first look at the average amount of data consumed per hour in basic resolution groups.

Amount of data consumed in 1 hour with the lowest image quality (480p): 300 MB
Amount of data consumed in 1 hour with standard image quality (720p): 1 GB
Amount of data consumed in 1 hour with high image quality (1080p): 3 GB
Amount of data consumed in 1 hour with 4K image quality (2160p): 7 GB

Note: These values ​​represent approximate / average data consumption. These dimensions may vary depending on the visual nature of the content you watch or download.

Netflix resolution settings:

As you know, Netflix offers users a package with 3 different content and prices. Basic, Standard and Premium in the form of these packages are divided into 3 sets of maximum resolution.

  • In the basic package, you can view maximum SD (Standard Definiton) quality content (480p or 576p).
  • In the standard package, you can view maximum HD quality (720p or 1080p).
  • You can watch ultra-high quality content in the premium package (2180p)

Solution for low resolution in Netflix:

It is possible to stabilize the image quality in Netflix’s website or mobile application. If you stabilize the image quality, you may experience freezing in videos if your internet connection is bad while performing instant monitoring. If your Internet connection speed is 5 Mbps or higher, we recommend that you make the following settings if you use one of the Standard or Premium packages.

Set the default resolution of Netflix (Internet site):

Log in to your subscription at, select your profile,
Click the arrow next to the profile picture in the top right corner and click Account from the drop-down menu,
Click My Profile,
Click on one of the options below:
Low (300 MB / s), Medium (700 MB / s), High (3 GB / s to 7GB / s), Automatic
The default resolution will change within 8 hours after you press Save and exit.

If you are setting up via the Netflix mobile app, follow these steps:

Open the Netflix app, touch the Menu icon,
Tap Application Settings,
Touch Cellular Data Usage
Click on one of the options below:
Wireless only (allows you to monitor when connected to a Wi-Fi network)
Automatic (provides image quality based on data rate, approximately 4 hours of content can be viewed with 1 GB of data)
Data saving (approximately 6 hours of content can be viewed with 1 GB of mobile data)
Maximum data (instantaneous resolution to your cellular connection speed is maximized to the highest possible level. It is not recommended if your mobile data packet is limited. It consumes 1 GB or more in 20 minutes)

Note: If you have an active download when you make these settings, you cannot change the setting. It is recommended that you make adjustments after all downloads have been completed.

You can share your opinions about Netflix and its content in the comments section, good looks 🙂

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