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How Long Will I Live? TEST

Flexibility, balance and muscle strength are the basis of a long life. It is possible to measure your estimated life with this simple test.

Alf, who was very popular in our country in the past, knew when he would die at the moment they were born. People do not have such a feature. Death is always a surprise for us.

The Brazilian Claudio Gil Araujo is a doctor who accepts elderly patients, even though he works with athletes and athletes. Realizing the loss of mobility of patients as they get older, the doctor advises his patients to try to stay fit and fit. The researcher pointed out that even the simple movements were getting harder in the advancing ages, and he made a study to get out of his patients with real data.

The study, which included more than 2000 participants between the ages of 51 and 80, was a fairly simple test. In the test, participants who wore comfortable clothes were taken to a large area. In this test, participants were asked to sit on the floor once and get up.

In this test called SRT test, the standing participant sits first and then leaves. That means you get 8 points in total, and you have the ideal fitness. Barefoot standing at the point where you stand and get support for how much support you get and whether you have lost balance.

How can I do the SRT Test?

Go to a wide area with comfortable clothes and bare feet.

Cross your feet. (It’s important for the test to be accurate.)

Switch to a sitting position without bending or any other movement.

Stand up again from the sitting position. Try not to use your hands, knees, arms or side of your legs when you get up.

The scoring part is quite simple. Think about 1 point for every limb you use while sitting up and getting up. If you’re indexing your hands, think of 1 point for it. When you lose balance, think 0.5 points.

If the results are 8 and above, you have the ideal fit. People who score less than 8 are twice as likely to die in the next 6 years. For those below 3 points, this risk is 5 times more. When the SRT score increases by 1 point, the risk of death is reduced by 21%. Arujo believes that these tests and results will lead people to more sports. As a result, balance, muscle strength and flexibility can be recovered by training.


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