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How Hydrogen Motor Vehicles Work

Before the electric vehicles, we searched how hydrogen-powered automobiles, which are shown as the technology of your future, still seen by some people in the same position.

In Elon Musk’s view, hydrogen-powered vehicles, which are a “stupid” idea, are not the cars we often see on the roads. Rare models like Honda Clarity, which offers rental service in the state of California, have this technology. Toyota’s Mirai and Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered models, the Tucson / ix35, as well as Honda’s interest.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are powered by fuel cells that convert power to hydrogen-powered electricity. Because of the pollution of the air, hydrogen was shown as the fuel of the 21st century. The first fuel cells system was developed by General Electric in the 1960s for use in orbital space capsules. It has been proven to be ‘installable and usable’ in the 1990s, as it began to be used in public transport.

Now let’s see how these tools work; At first you can think of them as some sort of battery to understand the fuel cells. The only difference is that you can fill the fuel cells over and over again while the battery fuels are inside. Fuel filling the hydrogen fuel cells is hydrogenated as the name implies. The engine that produces the electricity by operating the hydrogen produces water vapor instead of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide from the exhaust.

Although it is an environmentally friendly technology, unfortunately, the high cost causes these tools to remain small. Among the vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel, the Toyota Mirai is the most affordable, with sales starting at $ 57,500. With the development of electric vehicles, it is thought that this technology will not be used for a long time.

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