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How Facebook plans to compete in AR

Facebook has launched the Camera Effects Platform and AR Studio, which it introduced in F8 8 months ago, for use by software developers to move further.
We were aware that work on virtual reality would bring many innovations to this area, but it was not expected in the last few years that such a large increase in work on virtual reality would happen.

Facebook has captured this positive momentum throughout the world,  and has begun to reflect its “virtual reality” point of view.

The social media giant has unveiled AR Studio, a camera effects platform and enhanced reality (AR) tool, to all third party developers. This step aims to make the AR features applicable to the Facebook application photos and videos, and to further improve the AR base of the application.

Facebook Director Ficus Kirkpatrick said: “We want artists, designers, marketers, and more content creators to design and share fascinating AR experiences,” he added. “By opening AR Studio to all producers, we are taking steps towards it. “

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